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  • 8 Season Design

    8 season is a German brand that specializes in the production of accessories and lamps for interiors and exteriors. What characterizes this brand is the very high quality and innovation of the materials, since most of the products are made of recyclable polyethylene. Furnish your rooms in a unique way with these special accessories, which will not only make your rooms brighter, but also create a magical atmosphere!

  • Agape

    Agape's story begins in 1973 and spans over 40 years of evolution of project culture, architecture, technology and lifestyle, interpreting one of the most special environments in the house: the bathroom.

    A space that Agape puts us at the center of home life, destined to last over time and to give deep sensations and emotions every day.

  • Agapecasa

    In these years of global complexity and elusive security, Agape 's congenital optimism modulates these questions into certainties and, continuing to believe in his OWN DNA (which has the codes of sobriety, elegance, experimentation and quality), proudly presents "Mangiarotti Collection", a selection of projects by the great architect, for years a precious author and friend, objects that have become evergreen, real classics of Italian design.

  • Alivar

    Our thoughts are with a clientele who love luxury, but without ostentation, and who buy the Italian product because it understands its value and what it represents. Alivarfor years offers its own overall vision and therefore the customer, the retailer and the designers approach the company because they are attracted by the overall style it proposes, the Italian Contemporary Living, and not for the purchase of the single piece.

  • Alma

    A dream come true

    Alma is a company that designs and produces chairs, tables and accessories with a fresh and innovative design. Her name is a woman's name – an instinctive choice for a company almost totally feminine, which has been able to transform this randomness into one of its peculiarities.
    When you start an entrepreneurial adventure you start from an intuition to get to something very concrete that takes the form of an industrial plan. But between ideas and numbers, it is important to leave room for one's values – the philosophy that makes sense of everything else by turning the dream into reality.

  • Antidiva

    The solidity of beauty, the concreteness of creativity.

    Drawing strength from the best artisan tradition of Brianza, cultivating the knowledge transmitted by his family, Greta, Alessio and Luca embody a new generation that with Antidiva knows how to stand out and excel at national and international level, in high-level design.

    In the Antidiva you can experience the encounter between tactile pleasure, comfort and refinement of design. The beauty of sofas and armchairs for Antidiva is the precious and demanding balance of all these components.

  • Arcluce

    Arcluce S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of lighting solutions for interiors and exteriors.

    Founded in 1989, Arcluce works with architects, designers and design studios all over the world promoting a culture of quality and creativity that has always distinguished its products.

    The mix of specialist skills, innovation and attention to detail at the base of the company translates into design products, elegant and functional,able to meet the technical and aesthetic needs of any project.

    All products Arcluce are made using the most modern technologies and with the highest quality components that guarantee reliability and efficiency over time.

  • Arketipo

    For Arketipo Florence, Design is life, stylistic transgression and the desire to express one's values through forms and materials that are never trivial. "We have curiosity in the DNA - says Lorenzo Cattelan, creative soul and great lover of beauty - and this pushes us to always look for new forms of communication."

  • Artemide

    Founded in 1960s, Artemide is one of the most known illumination brands in the world. Known for its "The Human Light" philosophy.

  • Axolight

    Axolight is a lighting company,based in Italy and the United States, that designs and manufactures high-end design decorative lamps. Handmade in Italy Each product Axolight, whether it comes from mass production or a tailor-made request, is designed, developed, tested and assembled by hand

  • B&B

    B&B Italia's products have helped to write the history of Italian design, the adventurous history of the affirmation of taste, technologies and creativity that have made Italy famous in the world and spread the "Made in Italy" on world markets. The B&B Italia furniture collection was born from the ability to represent contemporary culture and respond promptly to the evolution of living. And it is precisely from the alchemy between creativity, innovation and industrial capacity that modern furnishing elements emerge, strongly distinctive and characterized by great quality and "timeless" elegance.

  • BigDesign

    bigdesign is a young and dynamic brand specialized in the creation of designer lamps and furnishing accessories with a strong interest in recycling and respect for the environment. All the creations are totally made in Italy and handmade in the Modena laboratory.

    Originality, uniqueness and simplicity are the main characteristics of thebrand.

    The lines of the handcrafted lamps are clean and minimal,because as the great master Mies Van der Rohe said, " LESS ISMORE" and this is the concept on which the philosophy of bigdesign.
    The goal is to try to change the point of view... look at everything outside the choir and the established patterns of a society most of the time framed and standardized. Alienate objects from their own context and give them a new life, a new light.

  • Bio-Blaze

    bio-blaze® is a company of Belgian origin, now owned by Italy, founded in 2002, which offers the market a wide range of fireplaces and furnishing accessories with bio ethanol.

    Fireplaces bio-blaze®, as well as burners, are patented, tested and approved. Whether you want to renovate your wood-burning fireplace, or look for an idea of original and alternative furniture, bio-blaze® offers you a wide choice of innovative and design products.

  • Boffi

    Boffi is synonymous with innovation and design applied to the kitchen and bathroom. The only company in the "kitchen" sector awarded the Compasso d'Oro for career (1995), Boffi has traveled all the most important evolutionary stages in the sector, becoming a point of reference.

  • Bonaldo

    The products Bonaldo are created in Italy. Designed by the best designers, they are then made by the internal team of experts.
    A production process that has been perfected over time, keeping the values of all time intact: creativity, quality, innovation.

    Color and dynamism for materials. Attention and care in every little detail. The Bonaldo is a wide world, where excellence goes hand in hand with creativity.

  • Busnelli

    Busnelli has been producing padded for half a century. Production that soon meets the path of the project, emancipating itself from traditional forms to appropriate more modern lines; Busnelli thus contributed to the birth and affirmation of Italian design.

  • Buzzi & Buzzi

    Buzzi & Buzzi:

    Technique and design merge to give life to new concepts of light: objects are born that can express themselves in a really different way, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional and technical.

  • Caccaro

    Caccaro, a company founded in 1958 in Villa del Conte (PD) by Salvino Caccaro, has always distinguished its quality furniture market for a constant stylistic research. The highly innovative character of its products, made exclusively in Italy in its 3 production centers, has led the company to become one of the symbols of excellence of "Made in Italy" design in the world. The company initially binds to the sleeping area and specializes in the production of cabinets. With the entry of the second generation, in the early 1980s, Caccaro changes profoundly. In 1987 the first production line was installed and the Venetian reality began to structure itself at an industrial level. It also changes the reference market that moves decisively towards the systems of great containment. Today the company creates integrated furnishing solutions that make every home space, from the sleeping area to the living area, unique and strongly distinctive.

  • Contardi Lighting

    Tailoring and cutting-edge technology

    Contardi is known in the world as the "Couturier of Light". Over the years, we have been able to earn this reputation for our sartorial approach, for the variety of materials used, for the elegance of the finishes, and for their combination with the most innovative LED technologies.

  • Dema

    Dema founded in 1962 in San Gimignano, in the heart of Tuscany. The company's intentions have been clear from the beginning: to produce sofas of high technical content, to develop continuous aesthetic research and to place functionality and quality as the founding values of the company's strategy. This determination has led Dema to establish itself authoritatively in the Italian and international market for high-end upholstery, with innovative and new proposals.

  • Doodesign

    Doodesign collaborated with the multifaceted artist Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi (Washington D.C. 1983) to create a collection of stools called Stele. For this collection Gandolfi's work is characterized by the use of natural elements, such as clay, to create a bridge between past and present.

  • Driade

    Driade is an aesthetic laboratory in the continuous search for beauty in living. The extensive Driade includes furniture for the home, garden and collective spaces. They are objects of art and everyday use, souls that blend harmoniously. This is the uniqueness of the proposal Driade the world of design.

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