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Designer: Ivano RedaelliTipology: PouffYear: 2016  Pouf with wooden structure and polyurethane stuffing combined small velvet jersey. Covered with leather “marcapunto” sewed, in all leathers and fabrics available in the collection. Removable covering only for fabric versions Dimension: cm 40 X 40 H 40 Material: Leather
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Designer: Dante Bonuccelli Collection: PassYear: 2016  Dante Bonuccelli interprets modernity preferring lightness and flexibility of the suspended shelves instead of volumes.Pass-word is a versatile modular storage and home entertainment system, designed to accommodate all the very latest multimedia devices and designed for dining room. The various...
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Designer: Nicola GalliziaTipology: LibreriaCollection: 505Year: 2016  Flexibility and functionality is the basis of the 505 project. It is a carrier shoulder system with an extensive range of modular furnishings in, designed to house books and a television. The finishes, matt or glossy lacquered or woods and glasses can be mixed and matched to obtain...
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Designer: Rodolfo DordoniTipology: Night Storage UnitsCollezione: Morrison The Morrison storage system eschews the idea of mass production and fully explores the concept of custom-made, developing a collection that expands its purpose to include the sleep zone, with variations on the theme of nightstands and lingerie chests. The Morrison base is...
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Designer: Rodolfo DordoniTipology: SofaCollezione: Seymour Seymour was conceived of the idea to create a seating system that maintains a distinctly formal precision while surrendering to the desire for curved lines in an elegant succession of soft, inviting volumes.In clear contrast to the strictly geometric shapes that distinguish the Yang seating...
Designer: Rodolfo DordoniTipology: Low TableCollezione: Kirk KIRK. A vast collection of versatile tables, Kirk comes in an array of finishes, shapes and sizes. Featuring soft lines and rounded corners, these tables are designed to pair seamlessly with the new Leonard and Collar seating systems. The discrete elegance of Kirk is punctuated by the amazing...
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Designer: Rodolfo DordoniTipology: BenchCollezione: Kirk BENCH - KIRK "BENCH". The Kirk collection also includes a padded bench with wood base, available in 138,5 and 183,5 cm lengths. The leather and velvet versions feature a tufted effect, with top stitching that creates a geometric pattern of squares, while the fabric-upholstered version features a...
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Designer: Rodolfo DordoniTipology: SofaCollezione: Collar Collar is a seating system that melds the rationality of design with function, placing technology at the service of the individual. A fusion of formal and aesthetic contents – the well-balanced proportions and symmetry of the depth of the armrest and the seat back – and the functionality of the...
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Typology: Lunch tableCollection: Sag80Able gray oak  Black base Marquinia Dimension: cm 240x110x H.75
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Typology: low tableCollection:  261  NoteYear: 2012 Square table dark stained oak Dimension: 40x40 cm h.40,5
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Designer: Francesca Simen & Cr&sTypology: CarpetCollection: SuavisYear:2014 Carpets in bamboo silk available in a rectangular version in three measures (cm 200 x 300 - cm 250 x 350 - cm 300 x 400) in natural, brown, green or plum colours
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Designer: Pinuccio BorgonovoTypology: bedside tableCollection: Flou Natural, Flou ColorfulYear: 2010 The elegance of these accessories with their flush trim and totally extractable drawers with soft closing device is further enhanced in the variant with visible handles in heartwood.  
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